We created our Exclusive Broker Partnership Program to offer our referral partners competitive loan terms and Fast Funding for their Borrowers, and with the maximum commission for our Mortgage Brokers.

Our company funds Private Equity Loans equity-based based, with easy qualifying, Fast Funding, and underwriting that’s nothing like the Big Banks!!!!

Our Mission is to be a reliable source of Private Equity Loans to our Mortgage Brokers and their Borrowers for when the Big Banks and other Institutional Lenders run for the hills.

We always stand with our Mortgage Brokers and go the extra mile to get the deal past the finish line.

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our Mortgage Brokers where we all win!!!!!

We offer Mortgage Brokers “3” ways to work with US Lending & Company:

Affiliate Program (Simple Affiliate Program for Reciprocal Link and Lead Sharing)

Partnership Program (Submit Declines or Hard to Fund Deals to US Lending & Company to fund)


VIP Partnership (VIP Private Referral Network, please call our office for Details)


We look forward to working with you.